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About ProCare

Empowering people to overcome life's challenges. 

Find the appropriate care that's right for you.


ProCare - Here for our community

ProCare provides a range of high quality mental health services that support individuals, couples, families, children, and organisations. We are a community based, not for profit charitable organisation.


Our expert team of specialists include psychiatrists, registered psychologists, accredited counsellors, child specialists, workplace trainers, and mediation professionals.


It is our ongoing mission to provide the highest quality mental health services to meet the needs of our community. We all face challenges, but we believe everyone deserves help realising a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. It’s why we do what we do.


Counselling, Psychology, and Psychiatric Services


For individuals, couples, and families on a broad range of concerns including mental health.


Most people will experience challenges and setbacks at some point in their lives. Working with our professionals can help you deal with these issues more easily and work towards positive solutions and outcomes. This process offers opportunities to put you in charge of yourself and your life. It can also assist in clarifying goals for the future. At Procare it's not just about coping with what life has handed you, it's about moving through these 'stuck points' to a new level of wellness.


Our clinicians can help you with depression, stress, anger, living with cancer, facing loss, family support, relationships, family violence, childhood trauma, parenting, and mental health issues. Our specialists can help you cope with an array of mental health issues such as schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, diagnostic clarification, medication review, panic disorders, gender dysphoria and more. Seeking Help? Click here

ProCare Gambling Help and Financial Management Planning


Gambling is a common and serious issue, often linked with mental health comorbidities.


Our gambling counselling services are headed up by renowned psychiatrist Tarun Yadav, who specialises in addiction. Our team of psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors are all qualified to help with gambling addiction and our stepped care model ensures that you will receive the right kind of help, tailored to your unique situation. 


ProCare offers a unique service by combing financial counselling with therapeutic counselling. For those seeking to take back control of their lives, our holistic methodology provides the best pathways and the highest success rate.

Prostate Cancer


Community awareness, information, counselling, and resources.


Hunter Prostate Cancer Alliance (HPCA) is a charity dedicated to raising awareness of prostate cancer and providing free counselling services to affected men and their families.​ In 2013 HPCA and Procare joined services to continue to support the community by combining the counselling services. The two organisations have found combining their resources and services it has become more cost effective and both can continue to offer their services to the community.


HPCA's 3 fold objective is to:

  • Raise awareness of prostate cancer, through workplace presentations and community events.

  • Encourage early detection, through a simple blood test called PSA which may, with further testing, enable an early diagnosis of prostate cancer, thus increasing the likelihood of a full cure.​​

  • Provide a free counselling service and support for men and their families who are facing a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Seeking Help? Click here

Breast Cancer


Counselling for patients and their families coping with a cancer diagnosis.


Being diagnosed with breast cancer causes significant upheaval to your life and can result in increased stress, anxiety and depression. Our free counselling service helps women and their families deal with issues that arise as a direct result of being diagnosed with breast cancer.


Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways to help improve the way that you live your life. Talking to somebody outside your immediate circle of friends and family can give you the space to explore issues that are impacting you and those around you. We are able to look at strategies to get you through the day or to discuss your plans for the future including how you might talk to those you love about what is happening for you.


Common feelings for women with breast cancer include depression, stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, and the sense of loss. Women often describe breast cancer as an emotional roller-coaster and feel relieved that they sought professional support to help them work through their emotional issues. Seeking Help? Click here

Children & Youth


Counselling service for children at risk and troubled youth.


ProCare can provide counselling support by a qualified child psychologist to young school-age children who may be struggling with life and everyday events. A child counsellor can help children with a wide range of problems including: Anxiety and Phobias, Bullying and harassment issues, Depression and Irritability, Self Esteem, Family Problems and Harmony, Peer and Relationship Problems. 

Our Clinical Psychologist, Dr Marija Radojevic, is also on the Directory of the Centre of Perinatal Excellence (COPE). To find out more about COPE, Click here.


ProCare also has higher intensity specialists in Child & Adolescent mental health (Clinical Psychologist, and Psychiatrist) who are able to provide medical diagnosis and treatment of the mental conditions of children and teens. Seeking Help? Click here

Speech Pathology


Our speech pathologists provide speech therapy services to dementia patients and children.


Amongst our mental health services, we also support those living with Dementia who would benefit from Speech Pathology. Such therapy has shown to assist in swallowing and communication.  Kate Griffin (B.App.Sci, Sp.Path, CPSP SPAA) is our speech pathologist with over 20 years of experience and offers 1-1 or small group therapy. Referrals welcome, including Chronic Disease Management (Enhanced Primary Care) plans. Seeking Help? Click here

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As a not-for-profit organisation, your donations help us empower local people to meet life’s challenges.

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